Voyager V70 Elegance

With walls in either Steel or Glass, matching your shaft perfectly and providing you with full protection during travel

Simple and elegant, more simple and pure concept guidance and design, giving you more room for imagination.


Each Cibes elevator is equipped with Cibes’ advanced control system, and the intelligent control system brings you a comfortable ride.

IoT system monitored 24/7 by the Cibes Control Center;

Smart touch panel and call button;

Built-in elevator lock function, optional music and connection function;

Early warning system, such as low battery;

Fault record query, more conducive to maintenance services;

Upgradable software;

lcd slider finger touchscreen

Anders P. Hellberg

is a strategic conceptualist designer who has worked in Asia and Europe for over 20 years. His unique experience and creativity have earned him multiple product design awards.


Global design, focus on quality

Cibes has been using screw drive technology since the 1970s, this technology ensures that the safety standards of Cibes screw drives not only meet European safety standards, but also meet our safety standards in other markets around the world.


Your cabin comes equipped with a LED-lit mirror-ceiling for a premium look and feel while enjoying the safety a non-open shaft!

24 hours

Nationwide 24/7 after-sales service

Cibes Lift Thailand provides customers with a 24/7 after-sales service phone to support you at any time.


Worried about being trapped in your home lift?

Cibes Home Lifts all feature an emergency back-up powered by battery for your peace of mind.


Ecosilent 2.0 introduces a whole new level of safety and noise control.

Larger rollers and stronger guides create less friction for smooth and safe passage.

Improved load sensor design to ensure a safe home elevator experience.


The V70 Elegance has a clean and simple profile, with a choice of refined eco-friendly flooring that contrasts with the white car walls. Anti-slip floors are selected from eco-friendly manufacturers in the Netherlands.

v90 elegance floor 1 1
v90 elegance coating 1 1


Choose from a refined matte high-end white finish, which can be customized in a variety of other high-end colorways.
At the same time, your elevator can also easily customize various acces ssories, according to the size, color, car finish, installation position, door opening direction different choices, so that your elevator and home form a whole, creating a natural and harmonious decoration matching, further To enhance the taste of your living environment, a good elevator is also a symbol of your identity and personality.


The silky touch of the call button brings visual, auditory and tactile sensations.

LOP Basic 01