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What Cibes Home Lifts Thailand owners say:

Interview with Kru Ngor
Interview with Kru Ngor
“There are 2 main reasons on why I decided to install a home lift. First, my mother is over 80 and living on the 3rd floor…”
Interview with Dr. Osot and Dr. Anong Lekakul
Interview with Dr. Osot and Dr. Anong Lekakul
“I now reached an elderly age, so I thought of installing a home lift to prevent accidents…”

Bottomless pit, no room, space saving, beautiful appearance

No bottom pit requirements, no room design;

Comes with integrated steel plate (or glass) shaft;

Small footprint and large internal use space;

It can be installed in the middle of the stairs, against the wall, in the well, etc.;

There is no requirement for the height of the top floor, and a half-height door is optional;

Panoramic sightseeing in all directions, simple, beautiful and generous;

house with beige lift sofa stairs

High safety screw elevator

With screw drive, the elevator has no risk of topping and falling;

Push-button operation, safe and comfortable operation;

The screw has been tested by the Royal Swedish Institute of Technology and can withstand 10 tons of heavy force;

SIL-3 safety integrity level certification report, Internet of Things function, 2N dialer communication system;

The automatic leveling function when the backup power supply is cut off, and the car type is equipped with a mechanical hand-crank lowering system;

Personalized home lift in Thailand

Different loads and models are available;

Small-size elevators can carry up to 2-3 people, and there are various sizes and specifications to choose from;

Colors can be customized according to requirements, and different wells, interior configurations, etc., can be integrated into various home decoration styles;

The opening direction is flexible and optional;

Optional manual door and automatic door, and a variety of rich accessories to choose from;

Can provide outdoor installation solutions;

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