Voyager Air

Domestic lift Cibes Air offers you the freedom to create a bespoke lift design,
adding beauty, comfort and value to your home.

Wide array of colors

3 types of back panels

Braille Button

Back Lighting

Freely Design your future Home Lift

  • Each Cibes Voyager Air elevator Gives you the freedom to select options matching your taste and the design of your home.
  • 3 different lines available: Metal or Wood or Fabric;
  • Up to 300 different colors within the RAL color chart;
  • 17 different lift sizes to match your floorplan;
  • Possibility to upgrade to a panoramic 360 glass lift;
  • Minimal civil work or building required;
  • Fast and clean to install without major disturbance;
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Our Designers

Ida Eriksson and Gustav Berg are the industrial designers who conceptualized and created the Cibes Ai home lift.

“Our role is to build a bridge between engineering and usability, creating beautiful and sustainable lifts with an intuitive design.”

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Home Lift Air®

Cibes Lift Air is custom made in our Swedish factory and the modules are ready to install once delivered to your door.
The modern aesthetic has also been designed to be extra intuitive to use with great ergonomics.
Additionally, its timeless design will seamlessly blend with your home for decades to come.

Air Metal

Stylish, with resistant metals such as steel and aluminum, the Air Metal will easily find its place in your property. It comes standard with a black back panel and a white front panel. The Cibes Air Metal design enables to create your own colors to personalize it according to your tastes.

Back panel color possibilities

  • 300 RAL colors
  • Any of Cibes’ premium colors

Front panel color possibilities

  • 300 RAL or premium colors
  • White, black or beige DecoLegno® (matte & scratch resistant surface)


  • 7” Display providing you floor status in large size for visually impaired.
cibes air metal samples new 1170x700 1

Air Textile

With its natural fabrics, the Air Textile boasts to be both sustainable and durable. Choose between the stylish linen look or the warm texture of wool for the back panel. Powder coating is used on the metal for the front panel.

Back panel textile possibilities

  • Light blue linen
  • Grey wool

Front panel color possibilities

  • Metal in any RAL or premium colour
  • White, black or beige DecoLegno® with its scratch resistant texture.


  • 7 inches display with large floor indicator in green or white. A semi transparent mirror glass completes the look.
cibes air textile samples new 1170x700 1

Air Wood

A really warm & sophisticated mix of wood for the back panel and velvety smooth DecoLegno® for the front panel.

Back panel possibilities

  • Blonde bamboo
  • Light oak

Front panel possibilities

  • White, black or beige DecoLegno®
  • Metal in any RAL or premium color


7 inch display with a nice & large level indicator. A beautiful touch of elegance and style with the mirror like look.

cibes air wood samples new 1170x700 1

Lift display

The lift platform features a 7” display with a large floor indicator. Its semi-transparent mirror glass creates an elegant and futuristic look for a timeless home lift.

  • White or Green color numbers can be selected.
  • Numbers “travel” at the same pace as the lift.
  • Floor types can be chosen (B for basement or G ground floor)
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Stunning Lighting

With LEDs behind the front panel as well as along the floor safety edges, the lift will be safely lit providing a luxurious and modern experience to your home lift.

Ergonomic handrail

A nice feature making a lot of sense for elderly or visually impaired is the button on the handrail. Always stay safe grabbing the handle while selecting the chosen floor. It is also easy to reach for a wheelchair user.

ergonomic handrail black 1170x700 1
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Cibes Lift Safety Edges

The top safety edge is located behind the upper bar of the back panel and it will stop the lift instantly when touched.
The safety edges framing the platform floor, stop the lift at the slightest touch. Availabe in any RAL or premium colour as an option, and possible to equip with programmable LED light, the floor safety edges constitute an important part of the overall lift design

A home Lift piece of Art

Did you know you could select as full glass lift as an option. As clear glass or available in 6 shades of grey, tinted, brown or white?

Choose your Shaft

clear glass 1170x700 1

Have it full Glass

home lift with white steel shaft 1170x1170 1

Prefer a Steel Shaft?

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What about a Panoramic door?

How about your floor options?

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You can use your own parquet!

cibes air textile inside shot 2eigeRcKdo9nrou9WyOUguemYWMRvyvIQhdvmTLZgeQg

Or select one of our safety floor options!

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Want to use your tiles? no problem!

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Match your lift floor with your room

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Seamless look

*Wooden fand tiles are acceptable with a 20mm maximum thickness. In this case, the pit depth requirements is 70 mm.

24 hours

Nationwide 24/7 after-sales service

Cibes Lift Thailand provides customers with a 24/7 after-sales service phone to support you at any time.


Worried about being trapped in your home lift?

Cibes Home Lifts all feature an emergency back-up powered by battery for your peace of mind.