Lift solutions for freedom and joy, for you and the environment

Space-saving, energy-efficient and high quality lift

Lifts are machine room less, compact lift solutions, which have a low pit and top height
17 platform sizes for your choice
Capacity rate load 300-400 kg.
Fast installation 4-7 days


Lifts come with their own shaft

not required pit or low pit and top height

Swing door for space saving

Mechanic call button with braille

Level indicator for lift floor and lift status

Equipped with battery emergency lowering, in case of power failure

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452231Pawalee Indoor 3 1100x1500 AE03217049420rut11
Bangkok Bank Trang Branch3
20190606 DB435548 A5000 1100x1467 RAL9017 3f outdoor 7

Customize your Cibes Classic to fit into your home!

DB447934 Mr.Chan Soponpanit Indoor 2 1000x1500 FEBUARY5 3

Lift Shaft

The lift shaft is available in full glass. A fully glazed lift looks fantastic and preserves all your beautiful views


Platform Size

Variety platform 17 sizes for suitable for your space

Bangkok A5000 1100x1600 mm AE03117173520 8

Lift Colours

Our colour collection offers you inspiration and ideas for your lift design

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Lift Floors

The floor is a key element in your lift design. Select a floor from our collection or fit your own choice

DB446862 Bannanurak Company Mr.Ton Residential Indoor A5000 4ชั้น1100x1600 AE03218112620 17

Lift Ceiling

The lift has a beautiful ceiling design, which includes elegant LED lights


Locking System

Provide all-round protection, lift security upgrade for you

Let’s see Before and After
Cibes Classic in Thailand

N.S.P.K ทีมวา1N.S.P.K ทีมวา2
Teeratada วา แบงค์ หลิว1Teeratada วา แบงค์ หลิว2
Devaporn ออม ต้อง รุจ1Devaporn ออม ต้อง รุจ2
LINE ALBUM K.Suthana 220329DB437722Ms.SuthanaK.PomResidential OutdoorA5000 2ชั้น 1100x1500 AE03411122920 เอก6
LINE ALBUM DB 442915 K 0.Danucha 220329LINE ALBUM DB 442915 K.Danucha 220329