Cibes Cloud Plus

The new Cibes Cloud Plus is part of our next generation of lifts, a stylish platform lift designed to meet almost any legal and aesthetic requirements, offering you the accessibility you need and more. This is a perfect example of Scandinavian design, where function, beauty and colour go hand in hand to make the lift integrate seamlessly

Our most sustainable lift yet

This is a lift made for the future in every sense. Sustainability is a key part of our business throughout our value chain. We select our suppliers carefully, invest in sustainable innovations, and work with high-quality materials to make our products as durable as can be.

Cibes Scene Cloud Plus Highres 01

Design that speaks to your senses

We keep challenging the lift experience by pushing the limits of functionality and beauty. Travelling in a Cibes Cloud Plus should be easy, simple and comfortable. The self-explanatory design speaks to your senses, just rest your palm on the button to travel.

Cibes Scene Cloud Plus Highres 02

Taking barrier-free living to the next level

The Cibes Cloud Plus Platform Lift goes beyond meeting accessibility requirements; it is designed to elevate the style and experience of any building. When you step into this new lift model, you will discover that all the materials and colours have been carefully selected by our experts.

Control Panel

The control panel has two-directional buttons so you can apply pressure on them from the top or from the front, making it ideal for all passengers.

button cibes cloud plus
Touch Screen Front

Call Button

While Cibes Cloud Plus gives you more options than ever before, the standard version already offers you a high level of comfort to enhance your experience and make every ride a pleasure.

Panoramic lift design

The Cibes Cloud Plus is fully glazed as a standard, meaning that you can enjoy a full 360˚ view of your building and keep any space open and airy thanks to the panoramic lift shaft and doors.

cloud plus ceiling

Taking barrier-free living to the next level

it is designed to elevate the style and experience of any building.

Select your color


Our designers have created a collection of 7 carefully selected harmonizing colour combinations for you. From discreet and minimalist shades of white to bold and beautiful colours that will make the lift the showpiece of your building. Not what you are looking for? Create your own unique design with close to 300 colours available.

24 hours

Nationwide 24/7 after-sales service

Cibes Lift Thailand provides customers with a 24/7 after-sales service phone to support you at any time.


Worried about being trapped in your home lift?

Cibes Home Lifts all feature an emergency back-up powered by battery for your peace of mind.