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History of Cibes Lift Group : BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER


Cibes Lift Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of home lifts. We truly believe everyone must have equal access regardless of disabilities.


Cibes is the home lift brand of choice to help people access every corner of their homes in more than 70 countries.


Cibes’ story started with a “Swedish engineer and inventor”


After the end of World War II, Sweden’s manufacturing industry grew to a record high. New companies were formed and innovative entrepreneurs have been starting the business foundations for sustainable operations for decades to come.


Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA, and Erling Persson opened a women’s clothing store in 1947, which eventually became H&M. 1947 was also the year that the versatile engineer Bertil Svedberg. Visionary and creative, he founded Cibes as a brand within his own company, Elektroborg AB in Stockholm. Bertil Svedberg had a strong desire to develop new technologies & innovative new products to open up new market opportunities. If Bertil Svedberg was still among us to witness how far his product developments and innovations went, he would immediately roll up his sleeves to bring additional ideas. 
However, he probably wouldn’t have expected that his elevator would be installed in the Louvre Abu Dhabi (UAE) or installed in an office building next to the Russian Hermitage in St Petersburg for use during Pope John Paul II’s visit to Poland. Today, more than 70,000 lifts in more than 70 countries around the world are being used.


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The genesis of Cibes Lift dates back in 1947 in Sweden. The foundations laid back then are something we are extremely proud of, because our longevity is the logical result of continuously improve and commit to safety, quality and design.

75 Years on, Cibes Lift keeps thriving in the business of  bringing people together. With aging societies and increase in incomes in many parts of the world, more and more people are looking to increase their quality of life and maintain their freedom and independence.


Our passion for innovation is part of our heritage.
“Providing everyone equal access rights”



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Cibes Lift family
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Cibes Lift’s partners

Over the past seven decades, Cibes Lift Group has sold and installed more than 70.000 home lifts, which are used by millions of people around the world every day.

We want our home lifts to connect all generations in an easy and safe way. Our company vision defines who we are. A business helping providing equal access rights anywhere.



Cibes is constantly expanding, both internally and externally in the home lift industry. With over 1,600 employees in 2024, all share a common culture and core values: responsibility, development and professionalism.

Cibes lifts are uniquely customizable to suit practical applications. Therefore,  not only residential houses is driving up the popularity of screw-driven lift installations.. Indeed, Cibes lifts are now widely acclaimed by business operators  in more than 70 countries, including stores, shopping malls, apartments, offices, libraries, train stations, airports, warehouses and the list goes on.

Cibes has grown steadily over the past twenty years. In 2023 Sales volume were exceeding Swedish Krona 2.5 billion.




With subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and North America as well as ove 200 partners around the world, Cibes continuous journey is to achieve a healthy growth while keeping our core approach to connect people. Cibes Lift’s guideline aims at the constant development and introduction of innovative home lifts.

Welcome to Cibes Lift Group!



Cibes Lift Group brands’ portfolio


As one of the global leader in the home lift industry, Cibes Lift Group holds a variety of brands in its portfolio. Our main brands for expansion and dealerships are Cibes Lift, Kalea Lifts and NTD Lifts. We also own a number of strong local brands which are known for their expertise in their respective markets.




As a global company requiring to sustainably develop its business, the need to be where our customers are, is the best possible service and support for a continuous and stable service cycle.

All the way from procurement to transportation, delivery, installation & after-sales service.


Since 2012, Cibes Lift Group head office, R&D department and main factory were relocated under one roof in the small town of Gävle, about 200km north of Stockholm.


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Gävle Factory

Swedish Quality

Cibes Lift Group also set up its wholly owned factory with R&D center in Jiaxing in 2020 to reduce lead times. shorten transportation distance and adding features that better meet the needs of the local market.


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Jiaxing Factory

Swedish Quality

Cibes Lift Group also acquired Bella Elevator LLC and Symmetry Elevating set up its wholly-owned factory in the USA and further developed our presence throughout North America and beyond


USA Factory
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USA Factory

Swedish Quality


Q: Can you provide more insight into the specific innovations and technological advancements introduced by Bertil Svedberg that distinguish Cibes Lift home lifts from other lift manufacturers, and how have these innovations evolved over the company’s 75-year history?

A: Bertil Svedberg, the pioneering engineer behind Cibes Lift, introduced innovative technologies and products that set the company apart in the home lift industry. While specific details about his inventions aren’t provided in the article, Svedberg’s commitment to developing new technologies and products aimed at opening new market opportunities is highlighted. Over Cibes Lift’s 75-year history, these innovations have likely evolved to incorporate advancements in safety features, energy efficiency, and design aesthetics to meet the changing needs of users worldwide.


Q: With Cibes Lift’s expansion into various markets and the acquisition of local brands, how does the company ensure that its core values of safety, quality, and design are maintained across its diverse portfolio of home lift brands and subsidiaries?

A: As Cibes Lift Group expands into various markets and acquires local brands, maintaining core values such as safety, quality, and design consistency becomes paramount. While the article mentions the company’s commitment to a common culture and core values among its 1,200 employees, readers may be interested in learning more about the internal quality control mechanisms and standardization processes implemented across its diverse portfolio of home lift brands and subsidiaries. Ensuring uniformity in product quality and customer service across different regions is essential for upholding Cibes Lift’s reputation and customer satisfaction.


Q: Could you elaborate on the reasons behind Cibes Lift’s decision to establish its main factory and R&D center in Gävle, Sweden, and its subsidiary factory in Jiaxing, China, as well as its acquisition of Bella Elevator LLC and Symmetry Elevating in the USA? Additionally, how do these strategic moves contribute to Cibes Lift Group’s global operations and customer service initiatives?

A: The decision to establish Cibes Lift Group’s main factory and R&D center in Gävle, Sweden, and its subsidiary factory in Jiaxing, China, reflects the company’s strategic objectives to enhance operational efficiency and better serve local markets. By consolidating manufacturing and research activities under one roof in Gävle, Cibes Lift Group aims to streamline production processes, foster collaboration among teams, and maintain Swedish quality standards synonymous with its brand. The establishment of a subsidiary factory in Jiaxing, China, complements this strategy by reducing lead times, shortening transportation distances, and catering to the specific needs of the local market. Furthermore, the acquisition of Bella Elevator LLC and Symmetry Elevating in the USA strengthens Cibes Lift Group’s presence in North America and beyond, allowing the company to offer a wider range of products and services to customers while expanding its global reach. These strategic moves underscore Cibes Lift Group’s commitment to sustainable growth, innovation, and customer-centricity in the home lift industry.