9 reasons to understand how much does a home lift cost.


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That ultimate question anyone asks when considering  installing a home lift. What is the price range of Home lifts in Thailand?

Prices can range from several hundreds of thousands to millions, that’s it. The price will depend on the 9 following factors.

So let’s get started!


1.How does the home lift type, i.e. the technology, can have an impact on its price?

There are 3 main types of home lifts systems which are: – Traction type, – Hydraulic type and, – Screw type. These are different technologies serving the same purpose. For example, Traction types are fast and convenient for high rises but are generally louder than its counterparts. Hydraulic are quieter but require a large oil tank to be positioned in the house. Finally, screw lifts are often preferred for home use as they are much quieter but their price tend to be slightly higher due to the quality and technology used.


2. Why the house total height and each floor configuration are important to know?

Imagine you have a 2-storey house with ceiling heights of 2.5 meters, the home lift height would be much less than a 4-storey house with 3.5 meters ceilings. Some floors may need to have the door located on different sides of the home lift. These types of configuration are key factors in order to select the home lift technology as well as the brand able to solve your problems.




3. How about the home lift size and the maximum weight?

The type of usage of the home lift will help identify its dimensions and the maximum weight it can carry. Indeed, when installing a home lift for elderly, to avoid having to climb flights of stairs, a small size may suffice. However, if the home lift is intended to be used by wheelchairs, it may require to be a bit larger. In the case the home lift must be able to fit a hospital bed, its size and maximum weight will have to be much increased.

4. What about the safety of the home lift?

The safety of the home lift is also to be taken into consideration in the price. A good home lift must be certified to world-class standards. Cibes home lifts are certified by Liftinstituut BV  and  CE Mark, which means our lifts meet and even exceed European safety standards since 1947.


5. Home lift shaft

If you didn’t plan on building an elevator shaft during the construction of your home, or even prepared it but had no idea on the size, the cost of upgrading can be a real turndown. With Cibes’ lineup of home lifts for any situation, the product offering gives the freedom to select a model with or without a shaft. Additionally, the installation process performed by our trained technicians is fast, clean, and quiet for your peace of mind.


6. What renovation/construction costs are involved for a home lift?

The installation of a home lift may involve hidden costs that are not included with the lift, such as the cost of digging a rather deep elevator pit. Or having a machine room built above the top floor for a traction elevator for instance. With home lifts using screw-driven technology as Cibes does for over 75 years, you don’t require any pit. no machine room and a smaller footprint saving you both space and money. 


7. Technologies & innovations of home lifts

A home lift is no different from a car, computer, or mobile phone in terms of technology, and is constantly evolving bringing new features and innovations. Imagine a ride in your home lift done in silence with high energy efficiency, such as the  Cibes Lift, the Voyager Aurora home lift. It is possible thanks to Cibes’ latest EcoSilent technology to reduce energy consumption by 45%, using only 215 kWh per year, which is less than modern washing machines. Or the home lift emitting only 40 decibels while on use, or equivalent to library noise.  


8. Is it possible for a home lift to look good?

A home lift must be treated like a piece of furniture. Nowadays, a growing number of homeowners, architects, or contractors pay more attention to the details of the design to match the mood and tone of the house. With Cibes, you can choose the pattern/floor inside the elevator. The icing on the cake is to opt for a full panoramic glass shaft making the house stand out even more and rise in value.


9. Reliability and after-sales service of the home lift company

Being Direct-factory is an extremely important factor to consider. Unlike distributors, who can disappear or lose rights of distribution, dealing with a subsidiary like Cibes Lift Thailand is an assurance of reliability. After-sales service is an essential factor as much as preventive maintenance is. And all types of home lifts require regular checks and maintenance for the safety of their users. Hence, choosing a reliable and reputable brand with a long experience may cost more but how much do you value the safety and peace of mind for you and your family.


With these 9 listed reasons, the Cibes Lift family hopes you now better understand the different factors making a home lift price different from one brand to another, from one model to another. 

Make the first step and ask us for a free consultation and/or visit so we can help you design the perfect and most beautiful lift matching your needs.