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Cibes SwingOn stairlift

Cibes SwingOn provides an elegant and safe solution to make the urban landscape more accessible. Many building entrances in our cities are facing the street and are guarded by 1-3 steps. For most people, this is not a problem, but for a wheelchair user it is. Thanks to its unique capacity to lift, turn, park and fold, Cibes SwingOn solves this problem, without blocking street circulation.

Key features for Cibes SwingOn

  • »Fully automatic folding stairlift
  • »Unique lifting and turning motion
  • »Suitable for 1-3 steps (max 500 mm travel)
  • »Compact design: Extends 250 mm from wall when folded
  • »Lifting capacity: 300 kg
Cibes SwingOn stairlift

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Cibes SwingOn the low rise lift

Cibes SwingOn is a low rise lift designed for improved accessibility in public, commercial and private environments. This lift model is a smart, space saving and cost efficient solution.

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