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Cibes Classic

Cibes A6000 Cabin Basic is a cabin lift designed to be fitted into an existing shaft. Equipped with sliding doors the A6000 Cabin Basic is operated with one-touch, automatic controls. This elegant cabin lift requires a floor recess of 0-70 mm only, making installation fast and easy compared to traditional lifts.

Key features for Cibes Classic

  • »Fully enclosed cabin with elegant sliding doors
  • »Elegant LED lit ceiling as standard
  • »Silent and smooth operation
  • »Designed to be fitted in an existing shaft
  • »Auto-run controls

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  • Cibes Classic in restaurant – testimonial from the owner

    Interview with the owner about why Cibes Lift was the perfect solution for his restaurant.
  • Cibes A6000 in public building

    Cibes A6000 cabin lift is for existing shafts. Elegant design and easy to use. 100% manufactured and imported from Sweden.

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