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B385 Open Platform Disabled Lift

Install a lift for the disabled where and when you need it in Thailand. Cibes B385 has a higher rated load of 385 kg and size options that fit an electric wheelchair with an assisting person. Cibes B385 needs no shaft, no machine room, and no pit. The perfect accessibility solution, with an open platform lift for all kinds of building environments.

Key features for Cibes B385

  • »2 stops, max 3 meters travel
  • »No shaft needed, integrated machine room, 0 or 60 mm pit
  • »3 platform sizes, several access configurations available
  • »Weather resistant: -25 to +450 ℃, anti-corrosion treated
  • »Lifting capacity: 385 kg

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Cibes B385 in gym in Sweden

Fits an electrical wheelchair with an assisting person. The perfect accessibility solution, with an open platform lift for all kinds of building environments.

When the disabled need access to a building or separate floor of a building, it’s not always convenient or easy to provide access, even though it’s necessary. Often they require the use of a heavy wheelchair as well, which must be accommodated in the structural load and space.

But Cibeslift makes the entire construction and installation process more straightforward, due to our Cibes B385 lift. This lift is designed specifically to provide for the needs of the disabled. The heavy-duty construction and weather resistance of this unit make it useful for both indoor and outdoor applications.

You can install it to provide access to just a few steps or an entire floor. The lift can travel up to 3-metres in height. A special ramp leading up to the floor of the lift negates the need to provide for a pit below the floor as well. This saves you money in demolition and construction costs.

The Cibes B385 is the perfect solution to provide disabled access to any existing structure where construction costs and logistics would otherwise prove to be prohibitive.

The structure of the lift is entirely self-contained. It doesn’t require any external supports or bracing. This means that your existing building will not have to be extensively retrofitted to accommodate the unit.

Enable all members of the public to enter and leave your building whenever they wish by installing the Cibes B385 open platform lift in your building.

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