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Cibeslift provides several models of lifts that provide access for the elderly and disabled. Choose the one that works best for your home or structure.

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Lifts for every application

Cibes no-pit, screw driven type lift can be divided into two main categories:

Platform lifts and Accessibility lifts. Because our lifts require very little structural alteration and construction, they can be placed in any building such as multi-story homes, duplexes, villas, and public buildings.

Key features

No pit, no machine room and space saving, all with a beautiful appearance.

  • Comes with 360 panoramic view of glass shaft.
  • Small footprint, big interior space.
  • Can be installed anywhere, perfect fit for the middle of the staircase.
  • Flexible direction of how the door opens.
  • World’s leading developer of screw driven home lifts for the past 72 years. Manufactured and imported from Sweden.
  • Direct sales to market.
  • No overhead room required.
  • Can be installed indoor and outdoor.
  • Does not destroy construction of building.
  • Fast installation about 3-7 days.

Cibes lift is in the business of providing access to elderly and disabled to floors in your home that are otherwise inaccessible. We do this by manufacturing small, unobtrusive lifts that are easy to install in an existing structure.

These lifts are entirely self-contained with several features that make them easily adaptable to the configuration of your home and its decor. They have a small footprint, meaning they don’t take up much floor area in your home or structure, but still, provide easy and convenient access to elderly and disabled people who have trouble negotiating stairs.

They also come with the option of steel or glass exteriors that can be configured to blend in with any architecture or decor. Only minimal changes need to be made to accommodate our lifts into your existing building.

Our Lift is Eco-friendly, plus low consumption of electrical power and virtually maintenance-free (basically 2 times required annually). With wide variety of models, sizing and options, you can simply customize, mix and match to fit your preferences at your best advantage.

Unlock the limit accessibility by installing your own Cibes personalized lift, for everyone shall be able to access the house freely, at all floors, everywhere.

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