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Cibes Lift can offer you a wide option of lifts and excellent service for both new and existing buildings. Lifts are designed for different installation environments including a pit of only 60 mm or placed directly on the floor with an access ramp. No pit required: The installation of a Cibes lift can be implemented either in a zero pit situation or a pit of 60 mm with an access ramp that will be deep enough for the installation. It offers you the best choice for both new and existing buildings. Self-supporting shaft: The self-supporting shaft offers you the option of 360 degree panoramic glass, which increases the natural daylight rate in the house. Small space requirement: Cibes Lift takes up a very small space with the minimum footprint as small as 1 m2, and the internal space utilization rate can reach as high as 75%. Safety and comfort: Cibes no-pit, screw driven type elevators are intelligently designed with cutting edge technology. The focus on safety comes from it’s simple, robust and low maintenance drive system. At the weakest point in the drive train, as tested by the Royal Swedish Laboratory, it takes over 10 metric tons to cause failure. This is a lift that is extremely safe going up and down and it simply cannot “fall down”. Significant safety features are built into the lift, including various movement sensors. Environmental-friendly and energy-efficient: Cibes lift is supported by the 220V household power supply. The power saving mode will be automatically started in the standby situation and the power consumption is equivalent to that of a household refrigerator. Various options: Cibes Lift offers options such as door openings in three directions. 248 RAL colors to choose from and a variety of dimensions, which makes it possible for the lift to fit into different types of decoration styles worldwide. Quick installation: Cibes Lift needs no surrounding construction work, thus the installation duration is greatly shortened to about a week. Low maintenance cost: The low maintenance cost is only one of many advantages with Cibes Lift. Quality assurance: Scandinavian design, 100% manufactured in Sweden with assurance of quality and safety.
For platform lifts, a pit of only 60 mm can assure the installation; or lifts can be installed under zero-pit condition. Cibes Lift has a solution for duplex apartments, public buildings and villas with underground garage.
Cibes Lift adopts European home lift standards and its products conform to the relevant compulsory safety requirements of the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. To ensure the safe operation, the speed limit is designed to be 9m / min. The screw driven mechanism is one of the world’s safest drive modes.
Our lifts are entirely manufactured in our factory in Sweden. After a customer decides the size and the color of the lift ordered, the lift will be manufactured, quality controlled and then delivered. Final delivery time is between 7 months.
The installation usually takes about a week, but the duration can vary slightly due to the environment of the installation site.
We suggest that 2 to 4 times a year is necessary, but it also depends how much the lift is used.
The size of the lift, its finishing, additional options, and other factors that affect a lift price, makes it difficult to tell you exactly how much a home lift costs. Please send us a message on our contact page. You can specify all your preferences, and we will contact you as soon as possible.
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