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We strongly recommend that your regularly (home) used be serviced twice a year to ensure the safe operation and to extend the life of your lifts In addition to the daily maintenance, we will provide you with other necessary maintenance services including testing all the lift functions and checking whether the components and parts wear out.


We offer lift maintenance care plans based on the date of your lift installation A group of technicians will be dispatched to your house to provide regular maintenance services including lubricating the guides, adding oil to rail lubricator and checking limit switches, safety nuts, door locks, safety contacts on the door, and emergency devices The maintenance service will be completed in 4 to 8 hours, depending on the lift size and the shaft height

Battery lowering function

The lift is equipped with battery to use in case of power cut off. In case of power outage the lift will stop, within 10 seconds the battery will work. You can always drive the lift directly to a lower floor. As soon as the lift reaches the lower stop, the latch bolt will release automatically and you can leave the lift safely without third party assistance.
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