Cibes Lift rapid growth increases demands on quality processes

Cibes Lift has appointed a new Quality Manager, Jonas Morell, he is leading quality operations from headquarters in Gävle, Sweden. Jonas is also responsible for working environment issues.

Jonas comes from a consultancy position with similar duties for the Swedish Company Sandvik. Prior to this, he held a position as a Quality and EHS Manager at SNA Europe who manufactures tools.

For many years the Cibes Lift has applied a quality policy that sets the framework for quality activities. The goal is to deliver products and services of the highest quality, always with the customer in focus. To us quality assurance, for example through CE marking and TCs, is self-evident. However, long-term quality operations consist of much more than this.

One vital aspect is the continuous development of quality processes and procedures that provide substantial support for quality activities. As Cibes Lift is just now in a strong expansion phase, it is particularly important that processes and procedures are developed and adapted to new requirements and a larger organization.


“What attracted me to Cibes Lift is the level of ambition that characterizes the company and that there is a strong desire to work with continuous improvement. This is a strength in such an expansive business and one of my challenges is to establish a holistic approach to quality issues and pave the way for uniform processes throughout the entire organization,” says Jonas.

Jonas attaches great importance to in-house processes, and he will maintain a strong focus on physical product quality. Jonas also wants to work broadly over a large contact area.

“Quality is something that involves and engages our organization, customers and suppliers. Quality work must be conducted on all fronts and at all levels of the business and this is something I look forward to,” he states.

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